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16cm Digit LED Countdown Clock (TI-OB-16)

16cm Digit LED Countdown Clock (TI-OB-16)
Brand: Timing Ireland
Product Code: TI-OB-16
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Price: €2,060.25
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Red LED Countdown Clock with 16 cm Digits which Displays, Days, Hours, Minutes & Seconds.


Number of Digits:            9
Digit Height:                    16cm
Height:                             25cm
Width:                              170cm
Thickness:                        3cm
Weight:                             5,2kg
Power Consumption:        41W


The device is meant for counting up the time that has passed since an event occurred or for counting down the time that is left before an event takes place.

The countdown is displayed in the following format:

Days : Hours : Minutes : Seconds

Depending on the needs, the counter of the clock is comprised of 4 up to 9 digits, whereas the illumination intensity can be adjusted to suit the user’s preference.

Configuring and operating the unit is carried out using a standard computer keyboard. A keyboard is not required when the clock is working in standard mode. Additionally, the clock can be controlled with a remote control.

After the countdown has ended, the fact can be manifested in an acoustic way or with the use of light. You can also set a reminder at a certain point before the countdown is complete.


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