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Electronic Power-Jump Mat (CM40X30)

Electronic Power-Jump Mat (CM40X30)
Electronic Power-Jump Mat (CM40X30)
Brand: Alge Timing
Product Code: CM40X30
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Electronic Power-Jump Mat Kit with Printer

The Power-Jump Mat is the perfect tool for Strenght & Conditioning programmes. The system has multiple modes (see below) that measure different aspects of the atheltes performance. Result Data can be easily downloaded to PC or Laptop, either during or after tests are complete. The Power-Jump is also compatible with the Wireless Timing Gate Systems, as they can be used with the same controller.


Jumping - Measures the height of the Jump

Squat Jump - Measures the concentric force of a jump from a squating position (Arms can't be used)

Count - Similar to the squat mode, this measures the fly time from a crouched position (Arm Swing allowed)

Drop Jump - Tests Reactive Strenght. The athlete jumps onto the mat & then jumps straight up.

Power 15s, 30s & 60s - Measures how many jumps the athlete can do in a certain time (Measures Fly Time, the Contact Time between each jump, and the height reached for each jump).

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