1982 - 2012 30 years & counting

Electronic Scoreboards

Electronic Scoreboards


Timing Ireland is Irelands largest Supplier of Electronic Scoreboards for Sport.

With more than 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing electronic scoreboards and to date have supplied over 1500 units for all sports including GAA, Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, Handball, Futsal and in fact any sport that requires scoring and timing systems. 

GAA Scoreboards, Rugby Scoreboards, Soccer Scoreboards, American Football Scoreboards, Basketball Scoreboards, Hockey Scoreboards, Cricket Scoreboards.

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Electronic Scoreboards Category

Timing Ireland offers a wide range of LED Electronic Basketball Scoreboards. Each Basketball Scoreboard for sale..

Basketball Scoreboards

Timing Ireland offers a wide range of LED Electronic Rugby Scoreboards. If you're looking for a Low Cost Rugby S..

Rugby Scoreboards

Timing Ireland is Ireland's Leading Supplier of Electronic GAA Scoreboards. We offer both Low Cost GAA Scoreboar..

GAA Scoreboards

Timing Ireland offers a wide range of Soccer Scoreboards, or Football Scoreboards, to suit all Club Needs. Our E..

Soccer Scoreboards

Timing Ireland offers a wide range of Electronic Hockey Scoreboards for both Indoor & Outdoor use. Each Hock..

Hockey Scoreboards

Electronic LED Water Polo Scoreboards & Shot Clocks for Pool use. All our Ultra Bright Water Polo Scoreboard..

Water Polo Scoreboards

Ultra Bright LED Electronic Boxing Scoreboards that Display Points, Fouls, Rounds, Time & Competitors Name. ..

Electronic Boxing Scoreboards

Electronic LED Tennis Scoreboards with 6 Set Scores, Service & Tie Break Indicators as well as Type in Team ..

Tennis Scoreboards

Electronic LED Ice Hockey Goal Light Indicators & Ultra Bright Scoreboards which can Display Time, Scores, P..

Ice Hockey Scoreboards

Electronic LED Squash Scoreboards with Ultra Bright Score Digits & Game Clock. ..

Squash Scoreboards

Electronic LED Badminton Scoreboards Displaying Scores, & Sets. We can also Custom Build a Scoreboard to inc..

Badminton Scoreboards

Electronic LED American Football Scoreboards Displaying Dual Digit Scores, Team Names & Ultra Bright Game Cl..

American Football

Low Cost Electronic Darts Scoreboard with Player Scores for Various Pre Programmed Dart  Games. Perfect for..

Darts Scoreboards

Electronic LED Snooker / Pool Scoreboards Displaying Scores & Sets. Perfect for Club Pub & Bars. ..

Snooker / Pool Scoreboards

Electronic LED Fencing Scoreboards Displaying Scores, Hit Signals, Faults & Ultra Bright Timer. ..

Fencing Scoreboards

Timing Ireland Offers a Wide Range of Electronic LED Taekwondo Scoreboards displaying Fouls, Penalties, Time, Po..

Electronic Taekwondo Scoreboards

Electronic LED Jiu Jitsu Scoreboards Displays Advances, Penalties, Points or Score & Game Time. ..

Electronic Jiu Jitsu Scoreboards

Ultra Bright Electronic LED Karate Scoreboards Displaying Points, Time, Tatami & more.  ..

Electronic Karate Scoreboards

Electronic LED Wresting Scoreboards Displaying Rounds, Score, Penalties, Weight, Match Number & Game Time wi..

Electronic Wrestling Scoreboards

Electronic LED Kickboxing Scoreboards Displaying Rounds, Winner, Game Time, Team Names & more. ..

Electronic Kickboxing Scoreboards

Electronic LED Handball Scoreboards with Ultra Bright Score Digits & Game Clock. ..

Handball Scoreboards

Electronic LED Weight Lifting Scoreboards Displaying Time, Weight & Attempt Number. ..

Weight Lifting Scoreboards

Timing Ireland Offers Ireland's Most Advanced, Low Cost, Electronic Athletics Scoreboards. With Multi Colour LED..

Athletics Scoreboards

Ultra Bright Electronic LED Judo Scoreboards Displaying Points, Penalties, Winner & Time. ..

Electronic Judo Scoreboards

Electronic LED Kata Scoreboards for Club as well as Competition Level with Judges Remote Controls. ..

Electronic Kata Scoreboards

Timing Ireland Offers a Wide Range of Customisable Electronic Cricket Scoreboards for sale in Ireland & the ..

Cricket Scoreboards