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Display Board 2 Digits, 45cm with PP5 (GAZ5245+PP5)

Display Board 2 Digits, 45cm with PP5 (GAZ5245+PP5)
Brand: Alge Timing
Product Code: GAZ5245+PP5
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The new generation GAZ5 has the following outstanding features:

  • Direct hook up to ALGE timing units by a two lead data wire or radio
  • Manual input from the ALGE Timy2 (e.g. points, ratings)
  • Counter together with ALGE Timy2 (e.g. for turnstile)
  • All purpose application by connecting a RS232 or RS458 data output (e.g. from a PC or an electronic scale)
  • Operation is possible when charging the display board
  • Commutator for three different display-configurations in timing: number / rank, minutes - seconds - 1/100 secondshours - minutes - seconds
  • Switch to adjust address or special function
  • Two or more display boards can be lined up in a row (e.g. one display board for timing and another for number and ranking)
  • Up to ten lines can be stacked for a huge ranking display board
  • An integrated electronic clock makes it possible to use the display board as a day time clock or as a stop watch (input of time respectively start-stop signal and reset signal with a hand switch)
  • Backwards running clock (countdown) to display the time of play (input of time to play and time-out by hand switch)
  • Optimal legibility even in direct sunlight
  • Long lie because of the usage of bistabile seven-segment displays in strong aluminum-frame with Plexiglas plane
  • Best running safety because of CMOS technology and quality by ALGE TIMING
  • Low power consumption because energy is only needed at the moment of swithing
  • Three different ways to supply the display board:
  • from a 12 V car battery
  • from the mains (PS5 or PP5)
  • from internal rechargeable batteries (PP5)
  • Operation without an external power supply is possible because of built in powerpack (NiCad rechargeable batteries and net-charging-unit)

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