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3 Time Zone LED Clock (TZ-3)

3 Time Zone LED Clock (TZ-3)
3 Time Zone LED Clock (TZ-3) 3 Time Zone LED Clock (TZ-3) 3 Time Zone LED Clock (TZ-3)
Brand: Timing Ireland
Product Code: TZ-3
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Price: €1,531.35
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LED Timezone which Shows 3 Timezones. Comes in Various Colours.

3 Time Zone LED Clock

Readability: 25 meters

Digit Height: 5cm

Weight: 9kg


  • Multi-time zone LED clock for indoor installation
  • Hour - minute time display
  • Display cities, countries or locations of your choice
  • 4 diode colours available : red, green, yellow, blue
  • Perpetual calendar and constant saving of configurations
  • Summer/winter time changeovers and programmable time differences for all countries in the world
  • Management of time on the basis of GMT
  • Adjustable brightness - 4 levels for each display
  • Black aluminium design case with rounded edges and wall mounting plate
  • Single or double sided mounting with bracket
  • Mains power 230V
  • 2 types of movement :
    • IRIG B/AFNOR coded time receiver
    • Independent or radio synchronisation

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