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LED Electronic Darts Scoreboard (GAMEON)

LED Electronic Darts Scoreboard (GAMEON)
Brand: Timing Ireland
Product Code: GAMEON
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Low Cost Electronic Darts Scoreboard with Player Scores for Various Pre Programmed Dart  Games. Perfect for Club, Pub or Bar use. Our LED Darts Scorer is Super Bright and can be controlled by either a Wired or Wireless Controller. If you would like more information on our Electronic Darts Scoreboards then Contact Timing Ireland at Ph:(01) 846 24 09 or Em: info@timingireland.ie. You can also drop into our Dublin Office in Malahide.

  • Ultra thin: thikness 4 cm; height 19.5 cm.; length 56 cm.
  • Each button has a lifetime of 5 millions punches.
  • In case of the loss of electricity no point total being held in the memory file will be lost, no batteries are needed.
  • Low energy consumption: max 6 VA 230 VAC ± 15%.
  • A sturdy plastic container completely insulated with no need for a ground connection. The scorer comes complete with cord and plug but can be easily opened for a direct hook-up.

Buttons function:

  • ON/OFF button. Turns on and off.
  • SOUND ON/OFF. Turns on and off sound.
  • CANCEL GAMES. Cancels the partial legs display
  • START 301, 501, 701. For immediate start to game.
  • START XXX. Any start can be used with this button. If zero is chosen the scorer will automatically add scores.
  • 1 PLAYER. Allows 1 player only option.
  • MEMORY UP and MEMORY DOWN. Allows corrections of scores and visual of scores entered previously.
  • DARTS. See at any time the number of darts used.
  • AVERAGE. Gives average p.d. during the game and at the end by showing first the whole number followed by the decimals. i.e. 32 will show first and then 16. Will give exact average even if the game ended on the 1st or 2nd dart.

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